Business and IT Consulting

SVO Solutions is an innovative and highly successful client-centric enterprise specializing in partnering with local business owners to substantially increase their monthly cash flow. Our no nonsense, direct marketing and business optimization practices directly reduce costs, increase gross revenue generation and improve customer base development.

Cutting Costs

  • Are you serving your technology instead of your technology serving you?
  • Are you still paying outdated prices for web design, hosting or other IT support services?
  • Do you waste time answering many routine questions repeatedly?
  • Are you paying your current suppliers to much?
  • Are you stuck on COD terms?
  • Are your employees stealing from you?
  • Are you wasting expensive in-house resources rather than outsourcing?
  • Are your business processes designed around "we've-always-done-it-this-way?"

Increase Revenue

  • Is your storefront open 24 hours a day 7 days a week?
  • Are you offering all the products your customers desire from you?
  • Do you actively ask your customers how you could better serve them?
  • Does your business generate any passive income?
  • Is your product offering priced in a way it that provides an excellent value?

Improve Your Customer Base

  • Do you have more customers now than you can ever possibly handle?
  • Do your current customers actively bring you new customers?
  • Why are your competitor's customers not your own?
  • Do your customers fully understand all the benefits of your product offering?
  • Do your customers know and love you?
  • Are you and your customers actively engaged in helping one another succeed?
  • Are you still financially supporting "customers" at a net loss?