Case Studies API Development

Start Date: January 2013

Completion Date: January 2013

My Patriot Supply wanted to do drop shipping for an affiliate but their ecommerce software did not support it. So we created this functionality for them, programming an API helper application in PHP that allows their store to talk to their affiliate's store. Development and Design

Start Date: December 2012

Completion Date: December 2012

A volunteer job for a good cause. When we heard of this unique project, a sustainable farm incubator in Florida, we know we wanted to be involved. We created a WordPress site so staff could manage the site and add content themselves. Landing Page and Site Overhaul

Start Date: November 2012

Completion Date: November 2012

Another repeat job. When news broke on short notice that they were getting a story in the New York Times, Red Shed Media Group came to us for a much needed website overhaul and landing page. We streamlined their website, developed and implemented a conversion-friendly design, and developed a lead capture form. Also, we created an ebook from content they provided and designed a book cover, all within their tight schedule. Development and Design

Start Date: November 2012

Completion Date: November 2012

Yet another referral got us a job for Red Shed Media Group, who puts on the largest self-reliance and emergency preparedness expo in the country. They wanted an interactive ratings and review site of emergency preparedness retailers. We handled all aspects of design and development up until launch within the client's short deadline, including how to specifically monetize traffic in a non-instrusive manner. Development Lead

Start Date: May 2012

Completion Date: Ongoing

Referred by a former client, we successfully won a competitive bid to lead the development of With an innovative business model and experienced team, is poised to change how online businesses market products and shoppers gather information. As has already secured several large ecommerce customers, we currently are developing a custom scalable cloud infrastructure as well as lean application code. Expected launch is Fall 2012. Website Redesign

Start Date: August 2012

Completion Date: August 2012 contacted us to update their website design in order to be more representative of their product offerings. Working with their graphic designer, we came up with a usable but appealing design that uniquely captured the spirit of their niche. We coded the design to be effecient and cross-browser compliant, a must with their constant heavy traffic from a wide ranging audience. Landing Page Redesign

Start Date: April 2012

Completion Date: May 2012 does extensive online advertising for their preparedness products. Faced with diminishing returns, they contacted us for a modern revamp of their landing pages, which are the links their advertising campaigns use. Utilizing our technical and advertising experience, we redesigned all their landing pages to encourage purchases and saw an uptick in conversion rates after implementation. Ecommerce

Start Date: January 2012

Completion Date: February 2012

Bohemanian Bliss Boutique, a brick and mortar luxury retailer in Sarasota, FL, contacted us to create a quick and low cost ecommerce store. In less than a week we had their online presence up and running with a customized PrestaShop store. Migration

Start Date: December 2011

Completion Date: January 2012 contacted us to move to a more stable and lower cost ecommerce platform. Their current host was not only overcharging them but also causing repetitive downtime, resulting in significant lost revenue over time. Furthermore, they were using a propriety ecommerce platform so they were at the mercy of the authors for new functionality. We moved them to our web hosting service and set them up with Magento, a free open source ecommerce application. We heavily customized Magento to suit their exact needs. This reduced monthly IT expenditures by 90% while adding functionality and flexibility.

DSTech Datacenter Migration

Start Date: June 2010

Completion Date: June 2010

Having performed advanced server administration for DSTech before, they contacted us to lead their server migration to a new data center. Utilizing open source software to save costs and improve reliability, we performed physical to virtual migrations with OpenVZ and VMware Server to consolidate 34 Redhat and Windows 2003 servers down to 5 new servers with minimal downtime. As of 2012, we still routinely perform advanced server administration for their web hosting service.