Who we are

SVO Solutions was started to fill the gap in quality and trustworthiness lacking in the web hosting, web design, and IT/business consulting industries. While most focus on quantity, we value forging relationships and succeeding together with our clients.

Rob Heck

sysadmin, developer, designer

I am a longtime computer geek with over a decade of experience in the IT field. My first web browser was text-based and I built my initial website in 1996 with pure HTML before CSS or Dreamweaver was around. Through working for a number of web hosting companies I discovered my knack for keeping servers running smoothly, assisted through my interest in security and compulsions of performance tweaking, preventative maintenance, and obstinately patient problem solving. Offline I enjoy eating weeds, baking a mean pizza and attending medical school.

Joe Rivera

fiscal and business analyst, project management, sales and marketing

I might just be the most honest person you will ever meet, at your service. As an anal retentive bean counter with a people-person flair; I am an innovative communications expert and boundary-spanning liaison extraordinaire. I tend to offer rides to hitchhikers, research complex data sets for fun and excel at getting whatever it is you want. As a graying reformed high-earning MBA armed ex-corporate cog, my life's passion involves building relationships, growing dirt and listening to and retaining the meaning between the words. I suffer and thrive from my utter addiction to life-long learning.